About MissFits (she/her)

Burlesque Bossy-pants

I have been in the Burlesque community for about 10 years as performer, producer, choreographer and over-all boss bitch, first in Texas and now Seattle. I perform as The BlackSparrow and "MissFits & The Pinpricks". My goal as a performer is to tell stories, make shapes and honor my body. 

Confidence Coach & Choreographer

I am so lucky to have gathered a community of bodies (performers, dancers, movers, etc) that trust me with their physical & mental well-being. Mind & Body connection is real and when we tell stories with our bodies... those stories come from our heart, our soul. This work is my absolute joy!

Joyful Movement Mentor & Trainer

As a fitness instructor & personal trainer, my approach has nothing to do with numbers and scales... and everything to do with how your body feels. My goal is to help people find safe and challenging movement that creates joy. To learn more about my fitness side of life, goto www.freetobfit.com